Lessons from Geekdom

 Matt Meuleners is a geek. There was a time when that label meant teasing and social anxiety, but the years have revealed a surprising number of valuable life lessons from the experience. In his heartfelt and humorous message, Matt shares a wisdom one can only learn from Rock-Paper-Scissors, off-brand jeans, and Star Trek. 

Matt will challenge students to understand their passion, embrace it, and share it with the world without shame. Students will walk away with a new perspective on acceptance, personal leadership, and the wisdom of geeks.

Matt has spoken to and trained tens of thousands of students and adults across the country. He has facilitated interactive workshops in all 50 states. 

A professional facilitator and keynote speaker, Matt Meuleners has combined his message of integrity in leadership with a youthful energy and sense of humor that allows him to connect with an audience. 

As a fellow geek, it was awesome to see Matt up there unafraid to be the real him. Spock, lock, and drop it!
— Carly, 9th grade CTSO member

As a partner in FOCUS Training, Matt has trained hundreds of business and educational leaders to fulfill their crucial roles within their organizations, delivered his keynote message to thousands of people, and developed valuable leadership curriculum. Matt is an expert in mentoring and mentorship programs, and consults with schools and organizations across the country on these efforts.

Matt holds a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Wisconsin as well as a B.A. in Marketing. He has served in many leadership positions and continues to lead in alumni and guidance roles. In addition to numerous positions in high school, he also served as the international president of a CTSO which he now serves as an active alumni member.