The College Ready Roadshows are fast-paced, energetic assembly-style programs aimed to familiarize students with your schools programs and resources. We cover what it means to be a successful student, and challenge students to “Commit Not To Quit!” on pursuing higher education and goals beyond high school. This program is an ideal way to kick off your school year. Get ready to cheer, compete, and make a pledge to “Commit Not To Quit!”.

Learning Targets

Teamwork: Building relationships with other students and faculty; creating a college-going culture by supporting each other in educational pursuits

Communication: Practicing communicating college and career goals with others; getting comfortable with asking for help and utilizing resources

Vision: Reinforcing the benefits of pursuing higher education; thinking about short and long term goals for educational success

Enthusiasm: Aligning students’ and faculty members’ energy and excitement for school; highlighting the importance of getting involved and behaving in a positive way to impact life-long success


A Roadshow contains visuals designed to improve crowd interaction. As part of the program, giveaways such as t-shirts and stickers will be randomly provided to students who participate and/or exhibit professionalism during the program.


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