College Readiness Bus Tours

On a FOCUS Training Bus Tour, you can expect unique campus visits where students truly experience student life and college fit. As with any FOCUS Training experience, you can also expect a high level of customization and interactivity. Each FOCUS Training Bus Tour includes personal attention from a team of event coordinators and trainers. It is suggested that three partner staff members also attend each tour (at no cost).

Campus Visits

Plan for each bus tour stop to last between 2-4 hours. At each location, our team will arrange a comprehensive visit that can include a visit from an admissions representative, a student panel and a faculty member. These are subject to availability by each respective institution. Our goal is to provide a unique experience showcasing programs, departments and experiences on each campus that are unique.

Crisis Management Plan

We will work with each partner to provide forms for a safe experience that limits liability of both organizations. Our goal is to provide transparency in the event any situation arises. Each morning staff members will meet to discuss a detailed agenda and any incidents. Bus tours include security staff for lodging when applicable.

Lodging Arrangements

FOCUS will consult with the partner to provide reliable accommodations for all participants including students, staff and the bus driver. We will strive to provide a 3-star hotel where available. In the event a hotel of that distinction is not available, we will consult with the partner on suitable arrangements. Students will be booked four to a room unless otherwise requested.

On-Bus Programming

Between each stop, FOCUS Training steps in to make the bus ride fun and interactive with our signature programming. Students experience college readiness programming and non-cognitive skill development.

FOCUS Training handles all logistics including the hotel, security, meals, bus rental, and tour stops. A member from FOCUS Training will be on the bus tour to navigate all logistics.

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