The experts at FOCUS Training will take your next leadership program from good to great. Our trainers are past state and national officers of student organizations. They are experienced, dynamic, professional trainers who understand how to engage a student audience. Members of your student organization will leave the event more motivated, and with the skills they need to be more successful student leaders. All programs are customized to fit the needs of our clients from three hours to three days, we will design an exceptional experience for your members and teachers. 

Officer Training

After more than 25 years of training student leaders, we know that content for officers of student organizations should be different than the content for a new member. Having served on local, state, and national levels our stories and examples resonate with student leaders. We have walked in their shoes and it makes a difference. We teach chapter management, recruitment techniques, advanced presentation skills, and more. Your student leaders will enjoy the interactive nature of the programming but more importantly they will leave with improved leadership and organizational management skills. 

Leadership Academy

This popular program offering allows our clients to one-stop-shop for a seamless, high-quality leadership program for hundreds or even thousands of participants. Let us design and deliver your next conference or event. We will help to create the theme, organize specialty tracks, provide keynote speakers and much more. With 25 trainers in our FOCUS Family we can accommodate large and small conferences. This is a specialty service for events with more than 300 people in attendance and/or that require more than one trainer. 

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